The Reach Mama Network is a source of community, inspiration, and support for working moms of color who want to advance professionally. We provide our moms with the support and the tools they need to be successful in leadership positions. 


Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling: We tell stories of incredible multicultural moms through the Reach Mama Podcast. Once a week, host Karina interviews CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders from different industries about careers and family. 

Corporate Partners 


We guide companies to create inclusive, high-performing teams where everyone can reach their full potential. We do this by equipping leaders and HR with the insights and strategies they need to engage and support employees before and after becoming parents. We also guide companies in retaining and further developing their female talent over the course of their careers, building a strong and diverse pipeline to leadership.

Empowering Moms 


We curate events and workshops to empower, educate and equip moms of color with the knowledge and community to grow professionally.


"I love going to Reach Mama Events ! I learn so much from the women they feature and I always walk away inspired.” 

Italia Guerrero


Featured In

Univision Communications Inc. 

ABC News 7

Featured as business of the week on ABC New's Podcast  - "No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis"

Women's Funding Network 

Swell Investing