How This CEO Found Her Calling

Lisa Skeete Tatum.jpg

Lisa Skeete Tatum is founder and CEO of Landit, a technology platform created to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace, and to enable companies to attract, develop,and retain high-potential diverse talent. Landit provides each woman with a personalized playbook that empowers them with the tools, resources, know-how, and human connections they need to more successfully navigate their career path.

Previously, Lisa was a General Partner for over a decade with Cardinal Partners, a $350M+ early stage healthcare venture capital firm, where she focused on investments in healthcare technology and led the firm’s investment in companies such as AthenaHealth and TechRx. Lisa worked for Procter & Gamble in various global and functional roles including Product Development, Purchasing, and Product Supply. She also worked at GE Capital and was a Managing Director at Circle of Beauty, a health and beauty startup. In addition, she founded her own consulting practice specializing in medium- sized consumer products companies.